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Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Charlottetown

Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Charlottetown

One of our specialties at Rochford Family Dental is conscious sedation dentistry, a gentle alternative for people who need additional aid to help promote relaxation and comfort during dental treatment

Many people are afraid of the dentist and may avoid their appointments because of that fear, which can lead to long-term dental issues. These patients can benefit from sedation dentistry, as it eases their anxiety and helps them through their time in the dentist’s chair. Sedation dentistry is a gentle alternative for people who would like an extra level of comfort and relaxation while undergoing dental procedures. Children, the elderly, the medically compromised, or patients with certain disabilities can all be good candidates for this higher level of sedation.

We offer two different types of conscious sedation dentistry:

Oral sedation:

The most common and mildest form of conscious sedation, oral sedation is administered via a prescription tablet taken before the dental appointment. It results in a relaxed and semi-drowsy state that will allow the patient to sit comfortably and easily throughout their procedure.

Nitrous oxide:

Nitrous oxide otherwise known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is inhaled to produce a state of drowsy relaxation. The dentist administers the local anaesthetic needed while the patient is under the influence of the odourless & tasteless nitrous oxide, so that they can be both relaxed and pain-free for their appointment.

Not every dentist offers this option, however, Dr. Nantes has received specialized training in sedation dentistry and is happy to offer this valuable service to her clients.

You can drive home after nitrous oxide.

If you think you or a family member might be a good candidate for sedation dentistry, mention it to us at your next visit, or call us for more information.

Best dental clinic, great staff, I highly recommend it.

Pam C.

Rochford Family Dental is a fantastic dental office. The staff are very professional, kind, and caring.

Beth B.

The staff are all extremely friendly and make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in!

Melissa M.

Dr. Lynn Marie Nantes and her team at Rochford Family Dental are the best in the business!

Holly A.

Dr. Nantes is approachable and does an amazing job of explaining the treatment plan.

Michael B.
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