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Orthodontic Emergencies

Trouble Shooting At Home

Do you have a wire or something poking into your gums?

  • If it is a wire tied around a bracket, you can push it back in with something sturdy but soft, like the eraser of a pencil.
  • If it is the archwire poking out of the back of the last bracket, you will need to call the office so we can clip it for you. You can use wax until you get into the office.
  • If the bracket comes loose and is twirling around the archwire, you may use wax to stabilize it until you can get in for a repair appointment.
  • If your archwire comes out of your back bracket, try to feed it back into the last brace with eyebrow tweezers. You may also cut the archwire as close to the last tooth possible with a wire cutter.

Do you have a headgear band loose?

  • If the band wiggles at all, DO NOT wear your headgear until we can get you in for a repair appointment.

Did you have a hook from your elastics break off?

  • Discontinue wearing elastics until your next appointment.
  • Do not wear one side without the other. Please call the office for an appointment.

Did you run out of elastics?

  • Call the office. We will be happy to provide more elastics or mail them to you.
  • Do not go without wearing them.

Do you have a loose bracket?

  • If your elastic has come loose from your tooth, and it is not bothering you, it is usually okay to wait until your next appointment to repair. Please call our office immediately to let us know.
  • It is ESSENTIAL that you contact our office if a bracket is broken prior to your next appointment. We need to allow more time in the schedule for the repair.

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