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We’re proud to offer the latest and greatest advances in dental technology to our patients. Our commitment to state-of-the-art tech is just one of the ways we show our dedication to our patients and our practice, every day.

Below you’ll find some of the technology you might hear us mention at your next visit. These tools help us bring you top-quality dental care.

Intraoral cameras

These little cameras are only the size of a pen, so they’re easy to move around in a patient’s mouth with no discomfort. The tiny cameras can be pointed anywhere we need to get a closer look, and the computer does the rest by zooming in and enlarging any part of the picture we require. By allowing us these detailed looks into even the smallest areas of your mouth, intraoral cameras provide us a valuable diagnostic tool. Best of all, the patient can see the images too, so they can see exactly what we can.

Digital X-rays

A huge improvement on old-fashioned bite-wing x-rays, digital x-rays provide the optimum in  detailed x-ray imagery combined with a comfortable patient experience. Using a small sensor, the x-ray images are sent to a computer for enhancement and analysis. These digital x-rays are faster, more accurate, and use significantly less radiation than the old x-rays! Now that’s a technological advance!

Panoramic X-rays

Instead of taking a series of x-rays and putting them together to try to assess a larger area of the mouth, we now use the terrific advance of panoramic x-rays. Just like digital x-rays, these are faster and more accurate, and can provide a picture of the entire mouth at once.

Cephalometric (Ceph) X-rays

Cephalometric x-rays go even further than panoramic x-rays, taking pictures of the entire side of the face at once, including the nasal and sinus passages. Ceph x-rays are invaluable for providing views of the jaw and teeth as a whole, which helps enormously with planning orthodontic treatments.


The iTero scanner allows us to take 3D digital scans of your teeth without doing traditional impressions. Adjustments can be made to the scans on the spot, before they are wirelessly transmitted for processing. The iTero scanner provides a much more comfortable experience for the patient with highly accurate results.

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